Those, uh, early recording sessions were like a strange contrast for me because I went through the whole The X-Factor and didn’t have a solo. And uh, that was tough for me because from going to school and liking to be center of attention and that it was a big different kind of lifestyle change in a way.

I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, y’know? It was just completely— different, which was hard to deal with and it was often sometimes when I’d stand there and wonder how much of the comments were relevant to me because my contribution to the band, in my opinion at that time, was so small.

So, y’know, obviously I was delighted to be in the band and it was an amazing opportunity but on The X-Factor, I did have a little bit of struggle. And that’s why when it came round to recording the album and uh, it’s only really been since probably Midnight Memories, that album, that I felt comfortable with my voice.

Uh, so it’s all just been a learning curve from there, really. But sometimes, on stage, I might feel, or have done in the past, but especially this time I feel much more confident. Y’know, it can be an intimidating thing especially at the start when it was so alien to all of us. But, it’s kind of good to learn and come out the other end.

I’m very, very happy now.

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21.9.14 [x.x.x]

gsadlier: I think he liked it… #LIC

Earlier this week, Eoghan McDermott revealed that he and his friends made a photo collage for Niall’s big birthday. “We’ve decided to give him a big photo collage, because realistically there are not many presents you could buy him - when in a band like that there’s little he wouldn’t have already,” he said. [+ source]
One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles get sweet in Where We Are trailer!


Louis and Harry also got sweet on the fans that have turned up to watch them perform at massive venues around the world. The cute pair raved about their incredibly loyal Directioners, with Tommo saying: 

“I think we’re very lucky with our fans, that they take the pressure off us a little bit. You kind of feel that they’ve got your back.”

Haz added:

“And that’s amazing!”

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